June 20, 2013


Late last week I had a sudden and extreme urge produced from a customer at work to purge my life once more.  It was all an innocent interaction, really, but one that left me disgusted and wondering why.  As a vegetarian, I avoid meat and eating animal products constantly; reading labels & such to make sure things are "safe."  What I haven't been avoiding up to this point though are leather products...

I'm not a vegan by any means; I eat pizza probably three times a week sometimes (I love cheese! ~& I seriously need to cut down on the pizza intake, haha).  I don't really think it's a big deal if you wear leather, or have a leather purse or whatnot, I definitely did up until now and I can't control what other people do, only myself.  What struck my nerve though was when the customer asked me where he could find what he was looking for~ goat skin gloves.  For some reason that just really horrified and grossed me out, thinking why the heck would you ever want to wear a goat?!  I mean, look at that photo!  so cute.

Anyway, after that, I had some down town to think at work while waiting to help people.  Why would I want to wear anyone's skin but my own??  I don't.  Especially since I don't eat meat for the sole reason that I don't believe in how animals are treated while being raised & slaughtered.  I felt like a hypocrite.  I know that there's the argument that it's just a good thing that we use the entire animal, and I should be thankful that it's getting any use at all, but when I don't eat the animal in the first place, there's really no need to kill it.

A few days after this little encounter, I gathered all my leather products (purses, belts, what-have-you) and donated them.  I was weary about getting rid of my beloved cowboy boots, but then remembered that my Dad had said he'd like them & they fit him perfectly.  Great Father's Day present, late!  (I think he may have been joking when saying that, but in any case, they're still in the family if I ever have the need the urge them.)  I did keep a small vintage travel bag that I recently got...I'm feel sort of bad about it, but I'm not positive it's actual leather since I can't find a tag on it...I may end up ditching that eventually as well.

K, there's my little rant that went on for way too long.  Just some feelings I've had lately, not meant to make you feel guilty at all, just my own personal convictions.... :)


  1. I get what you mean. I don't buy leather anymore (I haven't for a long time) unless it's from the thrift shop, but I don't actually go there so that doesn't happen as well. I only have one real leather item left which I got as a present two years ago, so I'm not throwing it out. But, I don't see why you would really purchase real leather. Fake leather can look even better and when you think about the animals well, there's really no way of justifying the cash. Because real leather is expensive! I feel the cost actually serves as a barrier, people won't buy it that quick just because it's expensive and even though it's not the 'right' reason, it is something.

  2. Great point girl! I don't think I could/want to part with the few leather pieces that I own, but I definitely should bear in mind this point. As a vegetarian for the same reasons, it's sad that I often forget leather is made from animals! Thanks for your honesty!


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