June 12, 2013

photo an hour

This past Saturday Mike and I both had the day off of work, and enjoyed spending time together.  Our city had a big weekend planned, chuck full of fun things to do, so we decided to go check out some of the happenings.  I thought it'd be fun to do a photo an hour of our busy, fun-filled day.  Here's my day in photos of Saturday, June 8.
8am- computer & coffee before heading out
9am-  Went to the farmer's market for the first time this year!  I got asparagus, tomatoes, & eggs
10am-  After the market, we went downtown to check out the art vendors on the mall, and in the park.  On the walk down from where we parked, we went past the Greek Festival going on.  Although it's a good time, we didn't go in this year because it's a bit pricey to get in, and then you have to buy food and everything separately. 
11am-  There were lots of zombies at the do-dah parade this year.  This is a parade for local businesses, where they all dress up as absurdly as possible.  This kid cracked me up; he had the whole leg-dragging-on-the-street thing going on.
12 noon-  We looked at some art set up in the park.  This little mouse was the cutest little thing!  Pricey for such a small little dude, but I'm sure it's worth the effort put into it.
1pm-  We were pretty hungry and worn out from all the walking we did.  Our plan all along was to get lunch here at Bell's, our local brewery and have a brew.  It was a good plan of course (Bell's is always a good plan).
2pm-  It took a little longer than usual to get our food because the zoo was hopping.  That just left time for more beer!  I had a black bean wrap, and Mike had some beer brats.  Sooo tasty!

3pm-  On our walk back to our car, a train started coming.  Being smart like we are, we wanted to hurry and get past the tracks before it came.  Thankfully it was going uber slow, so we didn't get run over, and I had time to get an "oh-snap!" picture of Mike.  The tracks were buzzing at us, though, which I'm sure was it yelling at us to get off....don't play on tracks guys.
4pm-  walking + sun + beer = nap time, for me and kitty.
5pm-  rounding up some donations before heading out to the thrift store.
6pm-  Thrifting!  I ended up getting a roll of contact paper for a project, and Mike got a golf shirt.
7pm-  Disc golf time!  I wasn't into playing this day, so I walked along for a bit until I got tired and went to watch some families of geese at a pond while Mike finished.
8pm-  Winding down for the day with a computer and two cats on my lap.

Saturday was a fun and busy day!  Hope you all have a great day today!


  1. Packing up some rhubarb pie & hazelnut decaf coffee & going to visit G'ma...she's not doing well, so some cheering up on an overcast day should be just the ticket, I hope. Thanks for sharing your day! <3

    1. :( I'm sorry she's not doing well. I really want to go see her soon. I hope your pie & coffee cheered her up a bit! love you Mom!

  2. That sounds like such a full day! Michigan looks pretty adorable. It kind of reminds me a little of Portland. <3

  3. You had an exciting day! That brewery looks amazing.

  4. What a great day! I can't wait to visit Bell's eventually. And what a great farmer's market!


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