June 07, 2013

food & beer friday~ bourbon peach

This week I'm featuring something a little different than normal.  I really had no idea how different it was going to be until the first sip, when my taste buds were shocked; this kicked Mike & I both in the pants a bit (and not alcohol-wise, just in taste factor)!
I bought this Bourbon Peach American Wild Ale by Unity Vibration at my local health food store (which I adore!) while I was there picking up some peanuts to make more peanut butter.  I was in the mood for something new and different, and this sounded delicious by its description.  I like bourbon, and peaches, and I love wild ales.  Perfect! 
This was in fact very tasty, but it's not really a drinking beer...it's definitely a sipping beer.  It has no carbonation at all, and is very sour.  I really like sour ales, but this one...wow!  It has a little bit of a vinegar taste to it, and almost leaves a burning sensation in your throat after you've swallowed.  You know when you can sometimes feel it in your ears after you've drank something?  Unlike the name, neither Mike nor I tasted bourbon.  It was a little sweet, and very sour.
This is a Kombucha beer, which I just learned about.  They explain it best at Unity Vibration, "Kombucha is a sweet and tart fermented drink that usually is naturally carbonated. It is made from a Kombucha culture (symbiotic colony of friendly bacteria and yeast), water, sugar and tea. Kombucha Tea originates from China and Russia - people have been drinking it for thousands of years!"  It's also all natural, vegan, and gluten free!  At 7% ABV, it's not too hard, but we'll see if you can drink more than half a glass at a time; it was just too rich, I sure couldn't!

I recommend giving this a shot if you like sour beers.  It's not your typical beer, that's for sure, so if you're looking for something different, this may be your ticket.

I wonder what Kristin's been drinking?  Why don't you head on over and find out; I can't wait to see as well!  If you've been sipping on something you'd like to share about, link up with us below throughout the weekend.


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  1. Hmmm, I love bourbon, peaches, and beer too but I'm not sure how I'd feel about sour beer... maybe I'll give it a shot next time I'm feeling adventurous :)

    1. If you haven't tried a sour beer, you should for sure! Maybe not this one though...it really wasn't as good as I was hoping for. The bourbon flavor wasn't there... buuut, you could give it a shot! :)

  2. Wow that's cool. I didn't know about Kombucha beer either. I can imagine it would be pretty sour. I'm definitely game for trying it though!

  3. I love bourbon and peaches... AND kombucha! I'll bet it's a sipping beer, but I just might have to try this!


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