June 24, 2013

dancin' smiles

So last week I got to go to my first ever dance recital and see my adorable nieces perform!  What a fun time!  They're frickin' amazeballs, guys; I love 'em to death.  This was their first recital too, so they were uber excited.  They played the role of beans in the story of Jackie and the Beanstalk.  Wicked cute.
My sister and my nephew happened to be in town for a bit, so it was fun to have everyone together.  What little hams. :)  They were so proud of themselves, as they should have been.
At my older niece's suggestion, we all went out to ice cream to celebrate afterwards.  It was hard to capture pics of these little balls of energy, but the blurry ones make for some fun ones as well, ha!

lovelove, love them. :)

Happy Monday!

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