June 06, 2013

cleanse whaaat?!

lentil borscht & wild rice with avocado & lemon slices
Last week Monday through Wednesday I put myself through a little cleanse.  I read about it in my Vegetarian Times magazine, and thought I'd give it a go; not for any particular reason really, just thought it would be a healthy and interesting experience.  This cleanse isn't like some where you can only drink smoothies and nothing else; you actually eat food & have a meal plan.  There were seven main foods that are focused on in this cleanse: broccoli, beets, spinach, blueberries, avocado, lentils, and almonds.  I had to completely cut out sweets, coffee, and alcohol during the duration of this cleanse.  Oh, and no dairy or gluten at all either.
The point of this particular cleanse was to give my liver a break.  "Giving the liver, a detoxifying organ, specific nutrients like antioxidants, and not making it process heavy, inflammatory, or stressful foods allows it to rest," said Susan Blum, MD.  It was basically a time to give my body a break from junk food, and to only put good things in.  After a weekend of wine tasting, this was an additional perk to cleanse and take a break.
I'll admit this wasn't easy...at all.  I was hungry most of the time, and instinctively wanted to reach for snacks all the time, only to remember, oh yeah, I can't have that.  I could have snacks though, if it included an apple, some carrot sticks, or a handful of almonds (which I never remembered to eat).  Whenever I found myself wanting to eat though, it made me realize just how much I actually eat on a daily basis...a good reminder to think before I eat for sure.
Oddly, I felt pretty awful during the cleanse...which I thought would be the opposite eating so healthfully.  I mean, I think I eat pretty healthy already for the most part (I have off days for sure), but eating this stuff was straight up only good things.  I actually went home sick from work the second day; not because I was ill, but I was just soo weak.  I had woken up in a sweat, and could not get the energy I needed to make it through the day.
I ended up losing 3 pounds in the 3 days, which I'm pretty sure is all back by now.  It was a good experience I guess; not something I'll probably do again any time soon though. 

Oh, and this definitely happened the day after the cleanse was over. :)  It was kind of all I could think about, and the ending reward I kept my eyes on for when it was over.

Want to know what I ate?  Here was my meal plan:

b-  blueberry beet smoothie (gross...)
l-  honey mustard broccoli salad
d-  broccoli stir fry

b-  blueberry beet smoothie
l-  honey mustard broccoli salad
d-  lentil borscht

b-  blueberry beet smoothie
l-  lentil borscht
d-  broccoli stir fry

Have you ever done a cleanse, and how did it go?  What did you do?
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  1. I love the idea of cleanses, but I'm terrible at them. I wish I was better at impulse control! Also, I know it's common to feel BAD during a cleanse. Your body is starting to expel the toxins and build up that have accumulated, which often makes people tired, headachey, break out, etc. It can also be related to dependence on some substances (like sugar, caffeine, god knows what chemicals). Supposedly after you get through that phase, THEN you feel great. I've never gotten that far though, lol. Some day!

    1. Thanks for the info! Good to know I wasn't just going crazy, haha! It was an experience for sure, not really a fun one, but I would've felt lame quitting a 3 day cleanse, so I toughed it out.

  2. The stuff you ate sounds pretty good though! Was it just for three days? I did a cleanse about a year ago, but it was a detox cleanse so I drank this stuff that helped "release" the toxins, if you know what I mean. I felt better after doing it, but during the cleanse I didn't feel that great either. I'm doing it again next month. I hope it goes better this time!

  3. I've heard that most cleanses aren't enjoyable. I like the idea of doing one though and plan to try it out someday soon. I can imagine it gets old even though you can have food, since there's only a few foods you can eat!

  4. Good for you trying it! You know all about my Whole30 woes, but this seems like a lot of the same stuff. At least it was only 3 days?!


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