June 03, 2013

...and the winner iiis...!

Congratulations Sarah S.!  You've won the super sunnies giveaway from Firmoo! :)  Thank you to all who entered, and thanks to Firmoo for providing the sunglasses!  I've definitely been enjoying my win of sunnies from a previous giveaway while driving about the last few days to my friend's wedding festivities!  Yay for sunshine, and a way to protect our eyes, haha! :)
p.s.~  I just discovered Sarah's blog not long ago, and it's pretty sweet!  Glad to have found her; you should go say "hi!"
p.p.s.~  Click the photo below to enter my newest giveaway in honor of my Exploring Woods' 1st birthday! :)

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  1. Yay! Thank you so much! I am so excited! And thank you for the blog shout out! I'm glad to have found your blog too! <3


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