May 14, 2013

what's in my wardrobe~ on a lazy whimsical day

As I mentioned yesterday, I had the day off.  It was a wonderfully lazy/ somewhat productive day.  I didn't get much done around the house, but I managed to sleep in (hooray!)  and work a bit on this here blog space.  You may not notice any changes, but I cleaned up and tweaked a few things here & there.  It's a constant work in progress.
At around 11am yesterday, a beautiful deer showed up in my backyard.  They are actually back there quite a bit, but it's not often that I see them.  I was so excited, and promptly snatched my camera to take a few pics from my kitchen window of this lovely dude, and just watch him for a spell.  His antlers were so tiny & fuzzy!
I planted about eight different herbs from seed a few weeks ago, and so far about three kinds are sprouting.  It's fun watching them pop up out of the ground; here's hoping the rest come up!
My Mom will have an absolute fit when I say this, but I recently got this skirt from the thrift store, and couldn't wait to wash it before I wore it...
...hold on, hold still had the store tags on it!  So it was basically new!  True, there may have still been some thrift store cooties on it, but hey, I wanted to wear it now, not when the laundry was done, haha!

Thankfully my deer friend couldn't reach the bird feeder my Dad made me; he resided to munching on some shrubs instead, but I don't mind.


  1. Deer! So lovely. The only wildlife I get in my yard are magpies and stray cats. And ladybugs! And cute skirt...sometimes thrift finds are just to good to wait on!

  2. Okay, so I looked up the def. of cooties: Wikipedia says, in part, this:

    The lice of the First World War trenches nicknamed "cooties" were also known as "arithmetic bugs" because "they added to our troubles, subtracted from our pleasures, divided our attention, and multiplied like ****!

    In the United States, children sometimes "immunize" one another from cooties by administering a "cootie shot." Typically, one child administers the "shot" using an index finger to trace circles and dots on another child's forearm while reciting this rhyme:
    Circle, circle, Dot, dot - Now you've got the cootie shot!
    There you go! I will administer a "cootie shot" to you next time I see you! ha! :D <3

    Cute skirt, by the way! But I think your deer has cooties, by the way he's scratching! ;)


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