May 30, 2013

what to wear~ power outfit

I have to admit I almost skipped out on this week's What to Wear segment.  A few reasons had me doubting this post; a)  I didn't know what a power outfit was (and am still not 100% sure..), b)  I can't recall ever feeling "powerful,"  c)  It was hard coming up with an outfit for this (but fast once I actually tried).
Buuut, I still really wanted to participate, and didn't want this little challenge to stop me.  I mean, I haven't missed a What to Wear since I started them, and I don't want to stop now, just because the topic is hard.
What I gathered from looking it up and asking Mike, was that a power outfit is something that makes you feel powerful or confident in.  I'm not big into power, but I like feeling confident, and I think that's how this shirt makes me feel when I wear it.  It's just so different, but so me, and I love it.  I was already wearing the shorts, but decided they went alright together.  Oooh, and this is the first time this year I put sandals on!  Woo!  I guess the shorts are sort of a big deal, and power-ish to me, because I just started wearing shorts like...last year.  I've always been too self-conscious to wear them, but I kind of just got over it, and don't care anymore.  I am kind of bummed at how pasty white I am, but that will most likely change if I keep wearing them, eh?
If you'd like to link up with your own power outfit, click over to Nicole's blog and join the rest of us!  Also, make sure you check out all the other ladies this week; I can't wait to see what everyone is wearing!
Also, if you'd like to enter for the chance to win some rad sunglasses, you have 3 days left!  Click the picture below to get started!
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  1. I'm not exactly sure I would've had an idea either. I try to feel confident in everything I'm wearing but I'm not sure there's a certain piece of clothing or combo that really stands out. Doesn't matter anyway, I do like your outfit! That top is really pretty, I might have to DIY one like it!! xo

  2. Love all the colour! Those shorts are great. I wish I could find a nice pair of plaid ones for myself!

  3. wicked cute outfit! love the shirt. I wasn't totally sure what a power outfit was either haha.

  4. I like that this prompt managed to baffle all of us. You look super cute and I love the crazy pattern mixing you got going on! Most excellent!

  5. That shirt is pretty amazing. Love that we all had a unique interpretation of "power outfit" :) Keep rockin the shorts!!


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