May 02, 2013

what to wear~ on a casual coffee date

What would you wear to a casual coffee date?  Rare is the time when I actually go out to coffee with a friend; it's usually by myself on my lunch break, or to breakfast with Mike.  If I were to go to coffee though, I'm pretty sure I'd wear something like this.
"Where's my date?!..."
"...ah!  There he is!"
(and no, that's not coffee in my mug; definitely drinking a beer outta there.  Hey, it was like 7:30pm! hehe.)
outfit details:
...pretty much all Target minus the tank top & earrings...
If you'd like to link up with your own casual coffee date outfit, click on over to Gypsy in Jasper!  We'll be back on May 16 with our spring dresses, so make sure you dig them out of the back of your closet, blow the dust off, and snap some pics!


  1. I really love this outfit. It's the perfect spring combo with the peach and the cute patterned pants. I also love that picnic table you're hanging out on. I wish I had a yard so we could do more outdoor eating!

  2. I love this colour combo so much! Not to mention the polka dot pants and lightning bolt sweater!! AWESOME! I'm a fan of beer dates as well...

  3. I love everything about this! Such a fun outfit and it's making me miss wearing sweaters. It's already 90's here in PHX... This looks like a fun spot to hang out and drink coffee, or beer in coffee mugs!

  4. Love those pants! Polka dots are my fave. :)

  5. One of my favorite outfits ever! I love the sweater and the pants and the shoes and... lol! And now I feel like drinking a beer :D

  6. Oh my! This outfit is just amazing! so cute, I love the sweater =}

  7. I'm sort of in love with this outfit. And beer in a coffee're the cutest :)


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