May 01, 2013

little exciting discovery

A couple weeks ago I went for a run on a route I've never been before.  I took a few streets, and make a square of sorts before arriving back at my house.  Along the way, I made a little discovery that I'm so excited about!  I wasn't positive if what I thought it was was correct until a little later, taking about it with a friend, looking it up online, and of course going back to check it out again.
My little discovery is a free book swap in front of some nice people's house!  It's this tiny little house of sorts, chuck full of books for the taking and giving!  That little paper taped to the glass instructs that you may take a book, read it, bring it back, or pass it on to a friend.  It's called "Little Free Library," and you can find them online to find one near you, as I guess they're all over the place (this is just my first encounter with one).
I went back with Mike later on a walk, bringing a book with me that I had bought recently but just hadn't struck a cord with me.  I donated it to the little house, and picked up Memoirs of a Geisha; it's been a good read so far!  Have any of you encountered a Little Free Library?
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  1. How cool is that?!!! Love the wee little library! Never heard of such a thing! I do love to read...I currently have hundreds of books on my Nook just waiting to be read! Happy reading :D

    1. Mom, you should have Dad build one for your house! I checked the map, and there aren't any in your area; you could be the first! :) There are three in Kalamazoo, and they're all pretty close together, but I still kind of want one...

  2. Wow so cool that you have one near you! I've read about the concept a couple of years ago and I love it so much! You picked a good book in my opinion! I really liked it :) xo

  3. SO AMAZINGLY COOL! I went and found one near me! I can't wait to go see what they have. What an awesome concept...


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