May 13, 2013

let's drink~ strawberry lemonade

After a trip to a downtown antique store with my Mom a few days ago, and the purchase of a little glass fruit juicer, I knew I wanted to try it out right away.  I was immediately reminded of Sondra's instagram post from a few weeks ago of some scrumptious-looking strawberry lemonade, and I knew that's what I wanted to make first.  I bought a bag of lemons, and a box of strawberries on my way home, then googled a few recipes and got to work.
I ended up using this recipe, but with only 5 lemons instead of 6, since that's what came in my bag.  Let me tell you guys, this was so simple, and soooo delicious!  Wow!  You simply must try this!  I will be making more again for sure, but probably not until the weather warms up a bit again (it's super chilly here!!).  It's really not uber lemon-y, and not sour at all because the strawberries sort of take over, but shazam!  This is about as fresh as you can get right here!  I added some vodka to my individual drinks (not the entire pitcher, in case I wanted one straight-up) for a little something extra. ;)

I hope you all have a good Monday!  I have the day off of work, and hope to be somewhat productive around the house, including relaxing time which I'm accomplishing right now, hehe!


  1. Haven't heard that song in ages! Lemonade is such a refreshing beverage...I'll have to get my Mom's glass juicer out & giver er' a whirl when it warms up! :D

  2. oh my goodness, yum!!! This looks so good, I've always love the strawberry and lemon combo!!

  3. I love love love strawberries but kind of hate them in everything else haha. I don't like strawberry icecream of strawberry pie or strawberry milk. I haven't tried strawberry lemonade yet though :p

  4. By the way, it does look delicious :D


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