May 25, 2013

in my garden

I've been working on weeding our garden on and off for a few days.  It's a lot bigger of a task than I had anticipated; I didn't know it had gotten so overgrown.  My plan was (and still is) to just let this garden go for a year and see what pops up throughout the seasons, as we have not yet been in our house a full year and aren't sure what's hiding down under the soil.  My leave-it-be plan turned into just that, and the weeds went crazy.  I have half of it done; the side you see here (with the exception of a few small trees & some milkweed that's too pretty to pull).
I bought some allyum bulbs last fall and planted them here and there, and they're finally blooming!  I love these silly looking beauties; they remind me of something that would come out of a Dr. Seuss book.
This lily of the valley is in the back part of our yard, and we have some on the side as well.  It smells like heaven!  Ohmygoodness, soooo good!
I don't know what these flowers are, but aren't they pretty?  I took these photos after it had been raining, hence the water droplets on everything.
Some peonies about to burst!
...some sort of clue, but it's pretty!
...aaaand, this is how long we've let our grass get, haha!  We actually kind of love it, and, and I really don't want it to get mowed.  It's like living in a forest in our backyard; everything is so green, peaceful, and pretty!  We definitely need to mow before we have any fires in our pit though, so we don't catch our yard on fire, hehe.
Here are the hops Mike planted; they grow so fast!  Seriously, I'm tempted to take a video of it so we can watch how fast they climb.
I have yet to put in my veggie garden, but hope to sometime soon even though it's getting kind of late in the season.  What do you have growing in your yard?
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  1. For sure leave the milkweed, it is a habitat for monarch butterflies which is becoming scarce. Plus, it smells so gooooood!

    1. That's what I thought! I hope to see some out there. :)

  2. If I have a garden someday, I'm going to let it grow as it is as well. Well, the grass at least haha. And then a pretty hammock above it would be pretty perfect.

  3. Your garden looks lovely! It definitely makes me want to learn to brew so that I can grow my own hops!

    PS - Thanks for finding my blog and all your lovely comments! <3 I'm excited to start following your blog, it's adorable! Let me know if you might be interested in swapping buttons! ;)


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