May 17, 2013

food & beer friday~ solitude

Happy weekend!  Welcome once again to Food & Beer Friday; one of my fav times of the week (& I actually have this weekend off, so I can truly say, T.G.I.F.!!). 
This week I'm showcasing a beer from a local-ish beer to me, out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I picked up a little four pack of Solitude, an Abbey Style beer by Brewery Vivant, which is a relatively new brewery that I have yet to visit.  My husband Mike just went there for the first time about two weeks ago, and liked it a lot, so I'm planning on having him take me there soon to check it out myself!
The brewery makes French and Belgium-style beers; this one made in the style the Monks have used in Belgium Abbeys for centuries.
At 6.5% ABV, this beer is a lot lighter than it tastes, so having a few wouldn't hurt ya.  It's very raisin-y, and easy to drink.  The description also says to look for caramel and pear flavorings hidden within.  A very good beer indeed; if you're in the Michigan or Chicago area, make sure you try them out!
Now go head over to Kristin's blog to see what she's been drinking this past week!  Come back and link up with your tasty food & beer pairings this weekend, or the following weeks to come.  Cheers!


  1. That sounds right down my alley! Raisin-y and out of a can. Definitely post after you go visit the brewery!

  2. oooh caramel and pear flavoring! Please drink and extra can for me. Sounds good! Cheers!


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