May 24, 2013

food & beer friday~ paleooza

Happy Food & Beer Friday!  I'm happy it's Friday because well, it's the weekend of course, aaaand tomorrow morning I'll be boarding a party bus with one of my closest friends, and heading up to wine country (Traverse City) to do some tasting all day in honor of her upcoming wedding (aka bachelorette party!!!).
For now though, let's talk beer!
I've been curious since spotting this beer on the shelf not too long ago.  I think I must be out of the loop though, because it's actually an old beer that's been made since 1997, and is the first beer ever brewed by New Holland... (in my defense, I think they stopped making it for a while and it's making a come-back.)  What beer am I referring to?  It's called Paleooza made by New Holland in Holland Michigan.
Um, okay so I'm still learning about beer and beer terms, even though my husband is a beer gu-ru...when I read the "Pale"-ooza, I was expecting a really pale ale (like a lager, I was informed).  I was pleasantly surprised when I started pouring this little gem and it was a deep caramel color rather than the pee-like I was expecting, haha!  And the taste!  Oh, the taste!  I don't really describe things on here very well, and just always call beers hoppy, but boy it was hoppy!  aaaand I love that.
 My little four pack said to pair this beer with "arugula, basil, white cheddars, and herb-roasted poultry."  I ended up going for some sweet tomato and basil triscuits topped with white cheddar.  Yum, yum!  This proved to be a great after work snack.
A few details about this beer:
It's an American-style Pale Ale, brewed with Michigan-grown cascade hops, and it rings in at a low 5.6% ABV. ~ super easy drinking.
Go on over to Kristin's blog now to see what she's reviewing this week!  Grab the button below, and link up with your own food & beer.  Happy weekend!

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  1. Um, I definitely didn't realize this beer had been around so long either! Still can't believe we picked the same beer. Great minds, right? ;)


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