May 10, 2013

food & beer friday~ birthday style

Thank goodness for Food & Beer Friday!  I've been neglecting my poor ol' blog here, but I finally have a reason to blog today.  You may remember me telling you about Mike making a special birthday brew for me back in March...?  My bday was in April, so I'm thinking it was March.  We were hoping it would be ready by my birthday (the 15th of April), but it just wasn't carbonated enough by that point.
Well guys, it's ready now!! :)
I must say it turned out well.  Mike's aim was for a hoppity hop tasting beer, since that's where my beer heart is, & hoppy it is!  Although not quite what Mike was hoping for I don't think, it is quite tasty.  It's hoppy, with a bit of a flowery edge to keeps getting better with time in my books; obviously I guess, since it tastes better carbonated than not.  I call this a win!  Thanks honey!!
We consumed these after a dinner of a frozen cheese pizza and an episode of Ask This Old House.
 The master with his work of art.
I forgot to get the deets about alcohol content, etc. from the brewer, & he's already in bed, so I'm sorry ladies...if you're curious, leave me a comment and I'll reply after consulting the brew master at a later time. :)
Well what have you been sipping on?  Link up with Kristin & I throughout the weekend so we can see what other sorts of brews are out there!



  1. That is so cool that you guys brewed your own beer! I've always wanted to do this! I love a really hoppy beer and the color looks great!! And happy belated birthday!

  2. How fun is that! Looks like a great beer too! I think it would be so fun to make a beer. And then give it an amazing name! lol! Maybe I can do this for my husbands birthday next year!

  3. Nice that you could finally have your birthday beer! By the way, I don't know if I've said it already, but my favorite beers are trappist. My favorite is Leffe Blond (even though almost everyone I know thinks it's a total loser drink hahaha). Also I'm surprised at how many people brew their own beer. I don't think we're allowed to here but I'm not sure though. ANYWAY, seems pretty good to me! :)

  4. So glad it turned out great! Most important question...what did you name it??


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