April 25, 2013

what's in my wardrobe~ a fancy sheep

It's basically spring, guys.  I mean, technically, it is.  These pics were taken a few weeks ago, and I think it was warmer then than it is now.  I totally don't want to complain about the temps though, because I know soon I'll be like, "whoa!  it's hot!"  So yah, I'm glad global warming is taking a chill pill for a bit, ya know?!
I need like 10 days off of work to just chill and do housework.  I have dishes that just won't go away, a floor that hasn't meet a vacuum in like two months, and projects up the wazu (how do you even spell a wazu?  ...whatever.).
I got these fancy pants not too long ago and I kind of really like them.  They're a little too nice though, because I'm afraid of getting them dirty.  I only wear them on occasions I'm sure I won't get dirty; I actually think about what I'll be doing before putting them on, since they're so light & the slightest speck will show, eep!
CHECK OUT this necklace I won over at The Dainty Squid a little while back (worn in the outfit above...). Holy snap, guys! This is sweet...know why? It's a music box necklace. Yup. It plays a tune; Somewhere Over the Rainbow to be exact. hehe, it's so fun to wear (except when it randomly goes off while you're shopping at the mall by yourself for some panties for your friend's wedding gift...let-me-just-hide-in-this-corner-until-it's-done-playing; aaaahhh! haha!). The giveaway came from Jewelmint if you're interested.

Hope y'all are doing well; thanks for sticking with me!


  1. Love those pants! What a great pairing!

  2. I have pants in the exact same colour! It was my boyfriends little sister's communion last saturday (is that the right translation, do you even know what I mean? haha) and I wore them. Guess what, I stepped outside to get something and their dog jumped on me. My pants were brown :') So me and my boyfriends mother started rubbing everything of with a wet towel about 10min before we had to go to church hahaha. I like how you paired them though, especially with that colour of top. New inspiration for me!! :) xo


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