April 18, 2013

what to wear~ while exercising

I had plans to attend a 1/2 mile run in my hometown Tuesday night in honor of the Boston Marathoners (many of whom didn't get to finish their last 1/2 mile; we would finish it for them).  I had been facebook invited to it just hours prior to it happening, so I thought I'd get a quick nap in then go. 
Well I'm horrible with directions, and while I thought I knew where I was going, I didn't.  I finally turned around after some searching, and found the location on my way back, but I was already 15-20 minutes late (it would likely be over by then), so I decided to go home and do my own run for Boston.  I'm bummed I missed it, but glad I got out and ran anyway.  Taking a random route, I ended up running farther than I have lately (with a few walking breaks in-between) with a distance of 1.59 miles.  I really need to start getting out more!
*continuing to pray for those affected by this horrific event.*
Soon I'll have to change my running get-up, as it's getting too warm out to wear this.  Here's what my outfit consists of:
v-neck tshirt // Target
zip-up hoodie (Mike's from Bell's Brewery)
leggings // American Apparel
shorts // so old, who knows...
shoes // Merrells (yeah, I don't have running shoes & use my hiking shoes...oops)
Here are a few silly pics of Nuke getting some exercise, haha!
Confession:  I'm not going to run the two 5Ks I was planning on earlier this year.  I decided not to when Mike got his new job.  Since it's not necessarily permanent, we may be tight on $$ in the next few months, so I thought I could save some by not paying to run.  I can still go out and run on my own (although it's not nearly as motivating), and plan to.  boo...
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*heads up!* our next What to Wear is on May 2nd featuring a casual coffee date.


  1. What a great event idea. If I was in your shoes, I would have been lost and confused, as well. I can't get anywhere in cities. I'm always lost. Turning left instead of right. Going straight instead of turning. I'm basically a mess when it comes to directions.

  2. I agree that was totally a great event idea.
    Your outfit looks like it would be really comfy!

  3. That hoodie looks so comfy! My husband runs in his Merrells, too. :)


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