April 04, 2013

what to wear~ to work

This week for what to wear we're showcasing our work outfits.  I've got to say, my outfit's pretty regular; nothing too special about it.  I'm lucky enough to work at a place where the dress code is very lax though, so I don't have to worry too much about what to wear.  Of course there are standards, like don't come dressed like a skank, etc. haha.  For the most part though, I wear jeans and then whatever top I feel like that day.  I layer a lot, because depending on what I'm doing that day I could get pretty warm.
I took, these pics right before leaving for work yesterday.  In fact I should have been leaving instead of taking these; I was running a bit late.  And no, I'm not wearing a watch, just pretending.  I really did have to get going quickly though (and I was only 1 minute late!  woo, haha!).
Skirts are a definite no for me at work, and not anything I care about too much, because I get hot, sweaty, dirty, and climb ladders at my job.  Also, it involves paint, hence the white tip of my right shoe.  oops.
And here I am after a hard days work.  I've been wearing Mike's jacket the past few days.  It's oversized and comfy, and I don't know, I just like it.  Every day I come home he's like, "hey, that's my coat," even though he hasn't worn it in a few years.  silly.
outfit details:
top & sweater // thrifted
jeans // kohl's (I think...)
shoes // payless
jacket // tj max (american eagle tag)

If you'd like to link up with your own work outfit, click on over to Gypsy in Jasper (and check out all of the other sweet outfits while you're there!).


  1. K...I totally did the same thing this morning. I had to get some outfit photos in as I left, and I was a teensy bit late! But the blog takes priority, apparently!

    Love that comfy coat!

  2. Yay for being able to dress casually at work. There is nothing better than being able to choose from your entire wardrobe every day. Amiright!?

  3. Great outfit, really cute! And oversized mens jackets are the best! =}

  4. Those shoes are super cute, even covered in paint :-) Of course now I'm super curious about what you do for a living that you get to wear comfy clothes and come home with paint on your shoes...

  5. I am curious too about your job :) Awesome that you can wear what you want and be comfy!

  6. Lax workplace dress codes are the best. :)


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