April 20, 2013

photo an hour~ April

Good morning! I decided to switch it up a bit and do an instagram-style photo an hour. It was easier than hauling my camera around all day, plus instagram's always fun. Here's my day in photos, from April 15 (my bday).
daffodils in my backyard
slipped away from me! I was getting ready to go out with my Mom; oops!
Breakfast out with my Mom; yummy cinnamon roll & coffee.
Mom & I went and visited with my Grandma for a smidge.
12 noon:
Catching up on some news & email.
My view while washing some dishes.
Going to make some peanut butter!  (post about it here).
Afternoon snack of fresh peanut butter, apple slices, & a homebrew!
Learning about & watching the horrible news with my kitty Olive.
Sorting & putting away some laundry.
On our way out to a surprise location for my birthday dinner; waiting for a train to cross.
We went to Food Dance!  Our first time there, & we were very impressed.  Loved it!  They have "friendly meat," which makes me happy; their menu tells all about where they get their meat from, and how they are raised (though I still ate veggie; had this spring tart which was amazing!).
Back @ home for the night; my birthday getup.

And there's my day in photos!  It was a good day, with the exception of the obviously sad & wretched news.  So, so thankful the last suspect has been found and is custody.

I'm off to spend some quality time with my good friend, and help her prepare for her wedding in a few months!  What are your weekend plans??


  1. The news was awful, but Happy Birthday to you, and what a super cute outfit.


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