April 11, 2013

one man's trash...

As promised a few days ago, I'm back today to share some photos of my sweet thrift finds with you.  The day I went shopping, I'd just gotten out of work, and Mike wasn't due back from work for a few more hours, so I had some time to kill.  The clothes that I bagged up to donate were screaming to be let go, so I threw them in the back of my truck and took off despite literally being sprayed by paint at work that day.  I had plans to go home and shower and then just relax and do nothing, but I said screw it, I'm going shopping-- paint and all!  It was even in my hair, guys, but I decided it wasn't too bad to go out in public, and I really didn't care. (no worries Mariia, haha. ;)
SO!  Here's what I found...
this lovely bag; can't wait to use it while traveling!
this little jar matched my kitchen too much not to get it.
My first piece of pyrex!  I had some popcorn in it the other night, and it made it taste so much better, ha! :)
aaaand...the clothing.  Told ya I got a start on replacing what I just got rid of, haha!

p.s.~ I know a few of you were curious as to what I do for a living after our last What to Wear segment.  While I'm not comfortable saying exactly where (for job security and all), I'll tell you I work in a big-box chain hardware store, mixing up paint for people. :)

I'm off to get ready for work, then I have four days off!  Whaaat?!  Yup, seriously.  Have a good day!!

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  1. Haha, I can't believe you did that. Although, I think it is weird that people don't wear paint on their clothes. Let's make it a new fashion style :)


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