April 30, 2013

insta~graham crackers

It's Tuesday, and time for a little insta-love action.  Here's a little of what's been happening in my life lately through the eye of instagram. 
Chipotle has the coolest bags//
<3 Izze //
so happy to see this beer popping up around town! //
tiny daffodils in my backyard //
Yoda rarely sits on laps, so it's always special when she does //
oh you know, just a little Yoda yoga //
I went to a castle! //
coffee in a teacup @ the castle //
The moon out during the day (beware of monsters @ night!) //
birthday breakfast with my Mom //
breakfast & coffee out of my "new" mug in my Grandpa's name //
some deer jaw bones my friend & I collected from my neighbor's backyard //
Copied this from Lush's instagram, <3 //
Olive's such a big kitty, but looks so cute all curled up in a ball //
book, beer, & bath time before bed //
a yummy matcha green tea smoothie (posted about here) //

I hope you lovelies have a good day!  I'm excited to come home from work tonight and catch the new episode of New Girl, eep!


  1. Your Yoda kitty looks so much like my Taylor!! So cute!

  2. OMG those bones are crazy cool! And I like the mushroom cursor on your blog :-)


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