April 13, 2013

a morning of royalty

Henderson Castle is a place I've passed by countless times while driving, but have never had the pleasure of going inside of until yesterday.  My high school friend Hannah is getting married today, and her sisters hosted an intimate little bridal breakfast for her there.  It was so nice to see her again, and I'm so happy for her and her man!
What does one wear to a castle?  Believe me, I fretted over this for a bit, but finally settled on my newly thrifted clothing including this pink blouse and dusty purple fairy skirt.  I did get some new shoes, as I really don't have any dress shoes; I usually wear my cowboy boots with skirts, but they just didn't seem castle-appropriate.
The time at Henderson Castle was fun and beautiful.  It was nice to get dressed up and fancy for a spell.
outfit details:
blouse & skirt // thrifted
shoes & tights // Target
necklace // giveaway win through The Dainty Squid from Jewel Mint

Happy weekend!


  1. Beautiful building! I honestly wouldn't know what to wear to a castle neither. Love the skirt and flats!


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