March 30, 2013

insta~graham crackers

I haven't done an instagram share in a while; mostly because I figure you've already seen these pics if you follow me on instagram, but for those of you who don't, or even if you do...haha, here's a little recap of life lately behind the eyes of instagram!  p.s.~ if you don't follow me and would like to, click here!
Mike got the most massive soda in the drive through at Checkers!  I helped him out a bit with it. 
// Our first trip of the season to Plainwell Ice Cream! (some yummy toasted coconut, and lemon chiffon.) // breakfast!  bagel & frozen blueberries, with black coffee
// creeper clown thing at the thrift store.
breakfast again; greek yogurt w/blueberries, banana, bagel w/p.b. & coffee // to do list! // coffee and a book on my lunch break // darkside skittles
shopping for beer with Mike (ended up getting a few ports instead) // I found a sweater for Nuke for $5!  He looks so tough, haha! // money socks from my uncle // What's that?  The sun!

breakfast again; I guess I eat pretty much the same thing whenever I photograph it, but it's so good // a bath with a lavender fizzy

So I guess I really like pictures of food.  Actually I know I do.  I kind of feel like a really good diet would be to take a picture of everything you eat.  I've thought about it, but haven't tried it; I'm sure it'd make me eat less though.

Wishing you a happy Saturday!  What's everyone doing for Easter??


  1. Even though I follow you on instagram, I don't always see your pictures because there are just so many haha. That's why these recaps are nice. I like seeing fun daily pictures from someone's life :) xo


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