March 22, 2013


Nutella.  Straight up.  I think it might be a drug, guys.

Beer.  Happy weekend!  (I'm trying to limit myself to drinking only on the weekends as of late, to see if it helps manage my weight a bit...we shall see.)

Listening to:
The whir of my computer, the furnace, and the mail truck outside.

A text from my love, letting me know to meet him at the bar for an after work brew!  (after I finish the one I'm drinking now of course...haha!).

Excited for:
Tomorrow!  Mike and I both have the day off, so that means sleeping in a smidge, quality time, and a going away party at a pub with his old work people.

(pic from last, I can't wait to not have to wear a sweater!)
Thankful for:
The sun!  It's been peeking out today, melting a bit of the snow and my heart, awww. :)

What are you all up to??

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  1. Nutella IS a drug lol. And I can't wait either for the sun uuuuuh.


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