March 19, 2013

arm knitting

While browsing Pinterest lately, I've come across a few things having to do with arm knitting.  Arm knitting, you say?  Yup, knitting...with your arms instead of knitting needles.  While I'm not a knitter of any sort, I thought I could try this giant sized project.  Kind of like those fist size crayons for toddlers (but their hands are so small, whaa?...).  So I bought some yarn to give arm kitting a scarf a shot.  And it sat in my kitchen for days.  Finally one night I thought I better get to it before I don't even need a scarf anymore!  I searched youtube for tutorials, and after a few confusing starts, I found one that explained it very well, and I totally recommend it if you'd like to give it a go yourself!
A lot of the tutorials used two strands of yarn at once to make the scarf turn out thicker, which I didn't know until after I bought one thing of yarn.  It sounded like a good idea (although the tutorial I used didn't do it because she had such fluffy yarn), so I unraveled half of my yarn ball and made two rolls to go from.  It turned out to be just about the perfect amount, with only a little bit left over.
So it's kind of sloppy, and not the prettiest knitting job ever, but I like how it turned out okay.  This scarf is super soft and extremely cozy; it's really warm and comfy to just wear around my chilly house. :)  I'd definitely be up to trying it again!


  1. I never heard of that :D might actually be the step that I need to get into knitting haha. And it looks great actually! xo

    1. hehe thank you! It was a lot easier for me than doing it with needles.


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