February 01, 2013

valentine's day shopping guide

Hi guys!  Happy February!  We finally made it through January; it actually seemed to go pretty fast, but I'm glad it's over because we're that much closer to spring.  As I type, we're getting dumped on with snow in these parts; pretty crazy since we didn't have any due to a bunch of rain and thunderstorms just a few days ago.
Today I'm sharing a little Valentines Day shopping guide with you.  Being the first day of February, there's not much time left to pick out the perfect give for your special someone, or just treat yourself to!  Here are some things that I think are lovely; this isn't really gender specific really, or what to buy your guy, although you could.  Just some things that I like!
This shirt from Threadless cracks me up!  ...zombie love. :)
Pinned Image
14 days of love from Pink Pistachio; a small gift every day leading up to V-Day.  How cute!
This sweet sweater from Modcloth isn't available yet, but how cute is it?!  I'm such a sweet-tooth.
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Also from Modcloth, check out this sexy garter belt. :)  unfortunately it's out of stock, so if you've gotta have it, make sure you put a request in! ...hmm, I just realized this isn't a very good shopping guide so far if you can't actually buy these things... sorry!
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Look at this amazing bath bubble bar from Lush!  ahh!  I want it.  and...it smells like strawberries.  Whaaaaat?!?!
Magic Mushroom
Also from Lush, this cute little tin of pretty pink lip balm.  Make sure your lips are ready for some smoochin'! :)
The Kiss
Okay, this has nothing to do with V-Day per say, but I think it sounds pretty cool.  I got an email the other day advertising Nature Boxes.  It's a monthly box sent to your door full of super healthy and delicious snacks!  Dried fruit, nuts, seeds, granola, etc.  Sounds fun!
I posted about this the other day in my let's put a pin in it post, and at the time I thought it was a neat little gift to give to a friend who was down in the dumps.  When I actually clicked through Pinterest though, I realized it's supposed to be 7 days of love for your boyfriend/ husband with cute little notes and treats in each day.  Either way though would be a good idea, depending on your situation and friend.
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 or you could just do this. :)
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I hope you all have a good Friday, and great weekend!  Happy V-Day planning!


  1. Ahh lovely links! That tee with those zombies is indeed hilarious. I'm crazy about the walking dead so it would be perfect haha. And oh those tiny gifts are adorable.


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