February 27, 2013

road trip must-haves

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Thinking about my nearing trip, I thought I'd put together a list of must-haves for while on the road; a little packing list if you will.  These are just some things you may want to have in the car to help you get there, not necessarily at your destination.
1:  When I asked Mike what some of his must haves for a road trip were, he said a car....yup, I guess that is something you'd want to bring along.
2:  Don't forget your camera!
3:  A small pillow for the car, or your personal bed pillow for the hotel for the germaphobes like myself.
4:  We usually bring an Atlas, along with a printout from mapquest; a little old fashioned I guess with all the GPS' out there now, but it gets us there.
5:  Sunglasses to protect your eyes!
6:  I've gotta have some snacks for the way; these guys are already in my bag waiting for me!
7 & 8:  Good road music is a must!
9.  Comfy clothes will make the trip that much more enjoyable.
10.  I don't have this book, but how cool would it be to have an Atlas full of beers?!  wow, awesome.
And there ya have it; my road trip must-haves.  What are some things on your list?

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  1. Oh that pillow is so awesome! I only have my license for a year (you can't get it here untill you're 18) and I'm going to make my first little roadtrip in a couple of weeks!! :) xo


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