February 17, 2013

my v-day in photos

Here's just a little peek at my Valentines day activities via a few photos.  In the morning, Mike pulled a little gift out of his sock drawer and gave it to me, in addition to a pretty large gift that he'd given me a few days prior (more on that one later!).  He found a little tea shop in our town that sells tons of loose leaf tea, and picked out a Chocolate Chai tea for me!  woah, yum.  It smells and tastes so good.  Also in the bag were these tasty salted chocolates.
We went to a bagel shop that I'm in love with for breakfast.  We got it to go on our way to see my Grandma, so we stopped in this really old cemetery to eat before getting there.  It's so pretty.  Then we stopped and got a few heart cookies, some for us and some for my Grandma and another friend.  We got to the bakery just in time; I'm pretty sure they were out of those cookies when we left.
The rest of the day was pretty chill since Mike wasn't feeling very well.  We just watched some Netflix and had a homemade heart pizza (not too heart shaped, since I love food and didn't want to take up pizza space with making it into a heart, haha.).  These poor little sprouts keep getting tricked into coming up...they've been there for a month or two, and the snow keeps melting and coming back.  They're currently under snow.  I hope they make it!

Well that was my v-day, hope you all had a lovely one, and have a good day!


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