February 26, 2013

insta~graham crackers

Happy last-day-of work-before-vacation to me!  Eeeeee!!  I'm a little excited.  The next few days will be spent planning and packing, then Friday we're off to Georgia!
I've been enjoying Instagram (perhaps a little too much...) lately.  Here are some snapshots of things around these parts from the last few weeks.  This may be a bit of a re-run if you're following me, but eh.  If you'd like to follow me via instagram, you can find me here.
// A warm and very muddy day
// Mike, me, my Grandma, and my Uncle who's visiting from Oregon
// bunny tracks on the disc golf course
// beautiful sky
// sleepy kitties on a Sunday afternoon
// a tasty treat inspired by Bodacious Thought
// a power outage calls for whiskey, candles and my favorite fraidy cat flashlight
// mixed drink while washing dishes
// ha, breakfast!
// I just love this arch on the last hole of the disc golf course...
// greeeeen!
// jackpot!  and they're scented!
// nut chips; a little healthier than regular ones?
Hope you have a good Tuesday; I'm going to have a good Friday. ;)


  1. Ah, shoot me an email (skinnyjeanschailatte@gmail.com) and I'll be happy to give you some advice about GA! Enjoy your vacay either way!

  2. great photos, i love the boots! i just finished a 10 day fast from instagram, it was very much need and i really enjoyed my time away. your photos are making me miss it!

    1. ah, thank you. I read your blog about your instagram fast; that's a good idea, I get a bit obsessed with it sometimes.


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