February 10, 2013

insta~graham crackers

Hello loves.  It's a full day here in the zoo, so I'm here to share some instagram photos with you from life lately.
farm fresh eggs from one of Mike's co-workers; the little blue one is from an "Easter chicken." :)
eggshell and snowy backyard
Mike made this amaaaazing focaccia bread thing.  It's chuck full of olive oil, herbs, and olives.  We ate half of it the night he baked it.
Two of my kitties in their favorite spot.
mmmm, breakfast.  Grapefruit, Greek yogurt with granola, and coffee.
my babies again in the little hideout.
pretty nails!  This is what I did during the Super Bowl. :P
Hope you all have a good Sunday!  I'm off to church, then to visit my Grandma in the hospital, and then work.  See you!


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