February 20, 2013

drumroll please...

Remember when I told you Mike got me something else for Valentines Day, but gave it to me a little early?  Here it is folks!!  Yup, he got me a ping pong table!  Aaahhhh!  I'm so excited about having one in our new basement at our new home!  And guys, I'm pretty good at it; haha!  I grew up with one in my basement, and was taught by my Dad who is super good and I could never beat.  I must say that Mike is catching on quite quickly and is semi-threatening competition.
Mike and I played about 5 games tonight, it was so fun.  And I'm seriously getting old.  I was like, "Oh man, my back...I'm not used to the stretching."  We rock though, and have so much fun together.  I can't wait til it's a little warmer and I don't have to wear scarves and slippers down there.  You do warm up after a while though.  Things got serious; I'm talkin' kickin' slippers off, pony tails, and lots of laughs.

:)  happy wednesday.  thanks for stickin' around.


  1. That looks so cool! I bet you guys are having a ton of fun. :-)

  2. How much fun!! I love badminton but no one likes it so no one wants to play with me haha. Plus it's too windy most of the time. I've never really tried pingpong!

    1. Oh, I'm horrible at that game, but it's fun! You should try ping pong!

  3. Ha! Awesome. I am a terrible ping pong player. Ian LOVES it, though.


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