February 05, 2013

breakfast at reds

During an early Doctor's appointment a few days ago, the doc and I were chatting a little before he blasted my face with lasers about what the rest of the day held in store.  I said since it was so early, and snowy, that Mike and I would probably go out to breakfast before heading home to hunker down for the day.  Well then he asked what kind of places we like to eat at, and I said little holes in the wall, ya know...little mom and pop places.
He told me I had to go to this little place called Reds, and gave me directions and everything.  So, we went.  It turned out to be really cute!  It was actually pretty normal of a place, but I liked it.
I got a chocolate chip pancake (just one, thanks to the suggestion of the waitress; I ordered a short stack (2), but she said they were ginormous; like really huge so yeah), and Mike got...I think biscuits and gravy, with hash browns covered in gravy, and an egg on top.  Oh yeah, and lots of coffee; duh.

With Mike and I both having the day off, and the crazy snow, it was almost like a snow day!  Twas nice.   What have you all been up to?

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