January 17, 2013

what's in my wardrobe~ mustard pretzels

Hey oh!  It's been a minute since I've been in here, let alone done a what's in my wardrobe segment.  But have no fear, I am back!  I know I've only taken a few days off, but it feels like a long time.  I'm trying to learn how to balance all the things in my life and still have time for everything; something I'm not sure I'll ever master.
 Isn't my Yoda the sweetest?!  love, love, love that little girl...
My intention was to take these photos during the day while the sun was still out, but I don't need to tell you that it's winter and it gets dark early.  Plus I procrastinated, so indoors it is!  I spent the day thrifting and grocery shopping with my love.  When we came home, we had some spaghetti, then sipped on some new tea that we got while out.
Pretty sure I'm going to grow my bangs out.  In fact I've already begun; definitely would've hacked at them a while ago if I intended on keeping them.  I'm glad I gave them a shot, and I still sort of like them, but I'm ready for my hair back.  I can't believe how much they get in the way of seeing when they're not pinned back!  I have to hold my head in funny positions to manage in everyday life, and that's just silly.  Anyway, enough about that.
Yes, my title has nothing to do with my outfit except for the colors.  But doesn't that sound yummy??  I'm a sucker for soft pretzels...


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  2. Super cute outfit--I love the flower print on the blouse!

  3. You're so beautiful, my dear daughter! The scrunched up face is a little disturbing, but at least it didn't freeze! ha! I like your bangs pinned back like that, too! Now I need to get me some mustard pretzels for real!!!

    1. haha, thanks Mom! Did you get some pretzels? I'm tempted to go to Auntie Anne's...They have whole wheat pretzels now!!!

    2. Rats! I was at the store today & completely forgot! I'll put them on my shopping list right now! (done!)

      Jo Jo's Pretzels in Shipshewana have whole wheat pretzels, too. It's hard to decide on just one flavor...Parmesan with pizza sauce or sugar cinnamon...sweet or savory...hmmm...splitting 2 with my honey always works out! :D

    3. mmmm...my mouth is watering thinking about them. :)

  4. Pretty outfit, I like the flowers! And I have a really hard time with managing my time at the moment. I'm in the middle of examens and it's hard to set aside some time for blogging.


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