January 24, 2013

what to wear~ karaoke style

Hi guys!  Welcome to What to Wear day!  What a great way to celebrate every other Thursday, right?!  It just adds a spark of fun and light to an otherwise normal weekday.  I'm here today with some other fabulous ladies to show you what we would wear on karaoke night.
Honestly...this is how I feel about karaoke...
I have never in my life participated in karaoke.  Yup, you heard me right.  In fact, I think I've only been present once while said karaoke was taking place.  I've lived a somewhat sheltered life, but it wasn't bad.  Umm, let's just say that singing karaoke does not in the least bit sound fun to me.  For one, I have a terrible voice, and two, I really am oblivious when it comes to knowing songs, even the most well known stuff...I've probably never heard of it.  Famous people?  Don't know 'em.  Soooo....the mention of having to get up in front of people (eep!) and sing (double, no triple eep!) frightens the crap out of me.
I'm sure though, if I had quite a few (maybe a lot) drinks in me, that I could probably be dragged onto a stage with some friends and sing my heart out.  When you don't know what's going on is sometimes the most fun, right?!  haha...  Of course, I'm assuming this is when most karaoke takes place anyway.
This is an outfit I imagine myself wearing singing some karaoke in.  How about you?  Have you sung karaoke?  How do you feel about it?  Am I silly for being sort of freaked out by it?
outfit details:
dress, worn as skirt: Target // shirt: thrifted // sweater: thrifted // tights: Target // socks: estate sale // boots: Target // earrings: handmade // glasses: firmoo

Before you head out, swing by the other ladies blogs to see what they wear while rockin' the karaoke stage.
If any of you would like to join us in our bi-weekly What to Wear session, just contact any of us; we'd be happy to have you!


  1. I adore all of the bright colours that you sport in your wardrobe. This outfit is just filled with cheer.

    On the karaoke front, I don't sing unless I'm singing with others. I definitely couldn't carry a song myself. That would just be a disaster! So I get where you're coming from with your fear. It is fun to get up there with your pals though.

  2. I've never actually sang karaoke in a bar, either--just with friends. I kind of want to one day, but I would never be brave enough to do it alone. That's what friends are for! I love your outfit, though--the skirt is super cute. The pattern rocks!

  3. You are always looking so colourful! I love it....especially all that orange!

    I myself love karaoke, but BFF needs a lot of "courage" (aka beer) before he gets up to sing so I can understand your situation. Just remember that most people don't take it too seriously, and are just there to have fun! And the ones that do take it seriously...well...they're the most fun to watch!

  4. This is an awesome karaoke outfit! I love all of the colours.

  5. I've definitely been dragged out to the karaoke stage after some drinks but I'm generally in the same boat as you- NO to singing on stage :) I love this outfit- so fun and colorful, those earrings are super awesome!

    1. thank you! yah, no singing for me, thanks. :)

  6. I'm lovin' how fun this outfit is, all the bright colors and fun prints really cheers me up! so funny, I'm looking at all yoru what to wear posts this week and i dont think a single one of you enjoy karaoke. i'm in your same boat w/ an awful voice haha.


    1. thank you! and thanks for stopping by! yeah, doesn't sound like any of us are fond of it...


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