January 15, 2013

up close

Here are a few phone pics from when Mike and I went disc golfing the other day.  While walking from hole to hole, I like scouring the ground for treasures (which reminds me I found a really cool rock that's still in Mike's disc golf bag...I need to clean that up and take a closer look still!).  If I have my phone on me, I usually end up snapping some photos.  Here's what I saw. :)
...pretty reddish trees
...some out of focus green stuff...
cactus!  Mike was tempted to eat some of the fruit, but it was kind of old.  It smelled really sweet though!
I thought a bird hit this tree pretty hard while flying over, but I guess it's just sap.
standing tall...

I had an unexpected change in schedule at work, which means I'm going in shortly, and will be home in time for New Girl!  Woo! :)  I'm going to go have some peanut butter toast, a few more gulps of coffee, and head out.  Have a wonderful day!


  1. SO JEALOUS!!!! I LOVE disc golf!! But it's all snowy here :-/ It's going to be a little while before I go disc golfing again!

    1. It is fun! My husband's kind of crazy in love with it and will go no matter what; last year we went in lots of snow, but thankfully don't have much right now. It's soooo cold though! How much do you have?

  2. Disc golf! I'm doing a coupon book for my husband for vday & adding a coupon for this. He loves it but I've never done it with him. When I do, I'm going to be sure to bring my camera along!

    1. Awesome! It's pretty fun! I'm not very good at it, but I love spending time with my man and being outside.


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