December 02, 2012


I'm here today to share my selfish side with you, via my Christmas wish-list.  I've been thinking though, as I came up with list in my head over the past few weeks, and I really don't need or deserve any of these things.  It's fun to dream about things you want, but really it's a never ending battle; once I have these, I'll be on to the next thing, right?  I really like buying gifts for others, but our families have pretty much gone to no-gifts on both sides now that we're "all grown up," which I love.  I'd rather just spend time with them than get stuff.  So, Mike and I just buy for each other; the hard thing is he never wants anything!  That just amplifies how selfish I feel, because look at how much I've come up with, and then he says he wants nothing....blah. 
After reading By the Lock's post on charitable donations as gifts, it's sounding better and better, and I think that's what I'd prefer this year.  I guess I'm still sharing my physical list with you though, just for fun...because I'd still like this junk, but I can wait; I don't need a pile of gifts for Christmas.
1.  Earl Grey Tea scent by Demeter (or any other crazy scent; there are so many!)
2.  colored jeans, from Target
3.  nail polish rack from Amazon, as written about by The Dainty Squid
5.  books from Better World Books

8.  macarons
9.  loose leaf tea ball
10.  any sort of travel mug; this one's so cute!
So yah, there ya have it.  I'm torn between my natural human selfishness, and what I know I should do.  Why is it we get things on Christmas anyway?  I think I ask that every's not our birthday.
What do you guys think?  What's on your Christmas wish-list, if anything?


  1. I totally agree but I don't mind so much. I like getting gifts way too much haha. We pick names with our family so each person gets one gift for someone because we're a rather large family and it would be just too much. And we have a 'small' budget of $20 for each gift. That works for us at the moment. From my parents I still get a couple of small presents and I have a deal with my boyfriend that we each pick out a small gift for each other.

  2. that travel mug is amazing! I had to "heart" it on Etsy.

  3. Oh my goodness! Earl Grey tea perfume!!! I want I want I want!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way. Do you fancy doing a button swap?

    Hebe x

    1. yes, I tried some on at a store and it smelled great!

  4. Just noticed you already did. I'm on it :) x

    1. ah yes, I just added you a day or two ago. :) thanks for adding mine as well!


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