December 03, 2012

what's in my wardrobe~ not your typical stars and stripes

This was my Thanksgiving day outfit.  Mike and I went to his parents house for lunch and hung out with his sisters, their husbands, kids, and Grandma.  Unfortunately this year Mike had to work Thanksgiving night, so we had to cut out a bit earlier than usual.  I think I took these pics after we got home and Mike had left for work, but it's been a little while. :P
I got a few new pieces of clothing from Target's clearance rack; woohoo!  The striped v-neck and skirt were both bargain rack finds.
I love how my little cat Yoda's just sitting in the background of these photos. :)  She's a timid little gal, and when the dog is around she keeps her distance.
outfit details:
sweater~ thrifted // v-neck, skirt & tights~ Target // socks~ Kohl's //shoes~ Payless // earrings~ thrifted // glasses~ Coastal

I'm excited that I have another craft show this weekend!  This one should be pretty fun, and have a good amount of traffic.  Plus I think I'm right across from my Dad's booth, which will make the day go by quickly with someone to chat to!  I still need to share my recap of my last show with you!

Have a good Monday!  What do you have planned?


  1. Yay another craft fair! I have one on Friday, as well. I have tons to do before I'm ready, but I'm super excited to hang out with some other crafty ladies. We're having an evening fair at my girlfriend's coffee shop, so that we can drink mulled wine and apple cider while we sell our goodies.

    Good luck with your sale. I look forward to seeing photos of your booth again and hearing how you do.

    1. ugh, that sounds amazing! how fun; good luck at yours, I hope you do really well!

      Mine's at our local Nature Center, and is usually a pretty hoppin' event; I'm looking forward to it!

  2. This is such a pretty colourful outfit! I like your cardigan. Also, it's the first time I've noticed you have a tattoo, how awesome!! xo

    1. thanks! I wear that cardigan all the time; it's suprisingly really warm too, being 3/4 sleeves! I guess I probably haven't showed much of my tatoo on here yet...especially with it getting colder, but maybe when it warms up I'll get some better pics. :) I'm kind of weird about putting them on the internet though, because I don't want anyone copying my design; I wanna be the only one who has this exact tattoo... :P


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