December 27, 2012

what to wear~ on Christmas morning

Good morning!  It's time for What to Wear! :)  This session has us thinking about what to wear on Christmas morning (err, what did we wear, to make it simpler).
This is what I wore on Christmas morning...just my p.j.'s; I like to keep it simple and comfy.  I don't actually wear matching pajamas; usually just some of Mike's flannel pants, and whatever shirt sounds cozy.  This time it ended up being a tank top, a soft pink long sleeve, and a zip up hoodie.  Oh, and some snowman socks.  A little coffee, and I'm good to go!
woah, this is truth here,, straight out of bed in the morning...
Okay, to be totally honest, though, I did put a spot of cover up on...I have this hideous patch of rosacea on my cheek that won't seem to go away (after multiple laser-zaps from the Dr.  ow.  one more coming up, hopefully that will do it!).  Other than that though, no make up.
oh, just a few of my boys, ya know. :)
Nuke was really excited to look inside his stocking.  He got a new collar from our local brewery!  Haha, and we had the "fire" going on the tv while opening gifts.  Yeah, I know, we have a real fireplace now, but we haven't had it inspected yet to see if it's safe before lighting it up...don't want to burn down our new place.

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Have an awesome day!


  1. Exactly what I wore! What's better than pyjama pants haha. xo

  2. I wore my PJs, too. But they're silly ones!!

  3. So cute! Love the pjs! My pajamas are of the non-blog-appropriate kind, consisting of my underwear and a tshirt, so I opted for the outfit I wore around town. Your morning looks so comfortable and non-stressed! Perfect!

    1. haha, well you know... :) we keep my house way too cold right now, or I'd be in the same boat. you're outfit turned out sooo cute!


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