December 09, 2012

posey press

Look what I found while thrifting a while back!  A vintage posey press!  I was seriously so super excited when I spotted this; I snatched it up and didn't let go, haha!  I've never been into pressing flowers; I guess I've just never really tried it, but this got me really excited and wanting to try it out.  That and the fact that I could not wait to get home and see what was inside.
Here's what I found:
After unscrewing the top, preparing to carefully peel the newspaper apart...
vintage flowers!  So fun to think about who may have pressed these, and when they were picked!
Check out the old newspaper clippings!  They were as much fun to look at as the flowers.  From what I gather, they are from 1978, here in my local city of Kalamazoo Michigan.

Such a fun find!  I've already tried it out with two flowers from my backyard, and they turned out really well.  I also made a bracelet with one of the above leaf-type things; it's epoxied into a metal seeing, with a Peace Tea can background.  love!


  1. What a great find!! I was thinking in the fall that I would like to get into pressing flowers. It seems like such a relaxing hobby.

    1. It does; I can't wait to see what springs up in our yard this coming year being our first spring here. Can't wait to pick and press! :)

  2. Oh wauw! The press in itself was amazing but with those flowers and newspapers in it, it's so much better even! I'm definitely a little jealous :D

    1. hahaha, it's been fun to look at; hopefully I'll get some more use out of in in the spring!


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