December 12, 2012

last craft show recap of the year

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dorien for saving my little blogging life, and helping out this computer illiterate girl. :)  I'm now able to add my own photos again for free, at least for another half a year or so until I run out of space again, and have to come up with another plan; haha!  Thanks chicka.  Sorry for the little hiccup and bump in the road guys, thanks for hangin' with me!
So here's a little summary of my last and final craft show of the year!  I've been in this one a few other times, and it's always really fun.  It gets a really great turn out, and the other vendors are awesome; offering coffee runs, chatting, etc.
You may be able to glace a smidge of my Dad behind the crowds he draws while describing his creations. :)  This was my view of his booth from where mine stood.
bat houses!  I got one, and can't wait to put it up!  Thanks, Dad!
I got to stand in front of some goofy mirrors all day; several side by side that progressively made you look smaller and squattier, until you looked like a bunny in the grass. :)
My wonderful parents running their booth.
Another self portrait in those silly mirrors; made me quite vain for the day, constantly straightening my dress and hair, haha.

 It was a fun day!  I did pretty well, but I've decided I need to either start making some higher dollar items, or quit doing these's a bit tough making my money back for paying for the booth when my items don't cost that much.  Anyhoo, it was a good time; I love the Nature Center, spending time with my family, seeing friends, selling the things I love to make, and I got some lunch from a local food truck that parked there for the day!  Yuuummmm, veggie quesadilla!
Happy hump day!  Glad I got over that hump so I can keep hanin' out with y'all! :)
Ohmygoodness, I almost forgot!!!  HAPPY 12-12-12!!!!!!   So epic, my friends, make it a good one. ;)  I think I'll finally put my tree up and drink some hard eggnog, thinking about these repetitive numbers...what does it mean?


  1. I'm glad I could help, I had the issue too a while ago haha :p Again, your booths (both yours and your parents) look so cool. But especially the location seems amazing! xo

    1. thank you! Yes, the Nature Center is really cool!

  2. It's always great to hang out with you, and this show is especially fun! Your dad really enjoys woodworking...thanks for your encouragement! <3


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