December 07, 2012

jewelry collection

I've finally hung my jewelry up and organized it a few weeks ago since moving into our home.  It was driving me absolutely crazy, all messy and in baggies on top of our dresser, digging through piles to find things to wear.  I find it kind of hard to put away and organize jewelry, but this is the best way I've found so far.  I've had a few different earring holders, but I really like this set up consisting of a cork board for my stud earrings, and a twig/ peg/ hanging thing for my necklaces and bracelets (plus a few more dangle earrings that don't fit on the cork board).
I hung them on the wall in our bedroom above our dresser, next to a mirror so it's easy to pair things with outfits while getting dressed.
I'm currently using that wine bottle as a holder for a pretty chunky bracelet (I used to put more bracelets up and down the entire bottle, but it usually either stretches them out, or they don't fit over it).
a close up of my stud earrings...
Taking a look at my jewelry like this is kind of fun; I'm going through where I got each piece in my head, and most of them are either thrifted, gifted, or I made them; only a few I actually purchased.
my dangle earrings; a little more tricky to hang from the cork board, and I have to be careful to not drop them behind my dresser while I'm at it!  (happened today, actually; thank goodness for yardsticks to fish things out!  I found a bunch of Yoda's milk rings while down there too!  silly girl.)

a bowl of rings, pins, and one pair of bright yellow hoops.
aaand, earring backs in a lovely, but slightly broken maple leaf dish.
How do you store your jewelry?  Do you crazy display it all like this, or are you more of a jewelry box kinda gal?  maybe neither?  I'm curious...
Have a good Friday, and great weekend!


  1. I ought to store my jewellery like that, it looks so organised. In reality I just dump it in piles in a big glass bowl, so all my necklaces get tangled together and I lose all my earrings. I think I'd wear more jewellery if I did it your way as well :L x

    1. yeah, it feel so much better to have it all organized, I used to get so frustrated digging around for matching earrings while I'm on a time crunch to get out the door!

  2. I store my necklaces on a tree in my bedroom and my earrings on a frame in the bathroom. You can see both of those here:

    Your system looks pretty efficient. I love having my jewelry organized, so I can quickly pick and choose what I want at any given moment. Jewelry is often the last thing I put on when I'm rushing out the door, so it's nice to be able to see everything you have!

    1. oh I love your set-up! That tree hanger is awesome, and I love your earring holder; well done!


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