December 25, 2012

it's a wonderful life...

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
I hope you all have a really lovely day, and enjoy your time whatever you may be doing.  Here's our family picture for the year.  We always take one in front of our Christmas tree with our furry friends; this is the first one with our dog!  Haha, I love how he's just eyeing the cats, and they look like they want to run away.  This was taken after I got home from work the day we wore ugly sweaters, hence the hideous sweater; I thought I might as well pair it with my polka dot pants and go all out (I actually kind of like the sweater, and wouldn't mind wearing it on a regular day, but Mike doesn't think very highly of it...).
Last night we went to church for their Christmas Eve service, and then went to the park directly across from church afterwards.  It's a park I've grown up going to since I was a wee-one.  I love it; it's kind of like a magic land...
tip: don't lick the candy canes; they're not real.
I love me some candy-cane-lane, plus this man!!!

Merry day, y'all!  I'm spending it at home with both sets of our parents, playing games and eating tons of food!


  1. Oh that picture is so freaking awesome haha! And wow, the decorations in that park, amazing! xo


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