December 23, 2012

insta~graham crackers

1.  One of the massive pine trees in my backyard.  I love looking at them.
2.  Coffee and polka dotted nails; a lunch date with Mike.
3.  entertaining myself while taking our dog out.
4.  Some of the best cookies ever from McKenzie's bakery.  I love the crazy kid sugar cookies, the frosting is sooo yummy.  The under part is kind of crunchy, and the top part is fluffy.
5.  Nuke chillin' in our backyard.
6.  Another mighty pine; they're so crazy tall, I'm hoping they never decide to come down!
7.  And last but not least, an amazing package I got in the mail from the sweet Dorien from Bodacious Thought
8.  She send me candy and treats from Belgium!  How awesome!  This was so fun to get and go through trying all the new-to-me things; thank you Dorien!
One more day of work for this chick, and then three days off to enjoy Christmas!  woohoo!!!


  1. Oh it's so fun to see something you sent haha :D I'm glad you liked it! I still haven't done that post though haha, it's been in my draft folder for weeks..! xo

    1. Oh, you need to write it, girl! :) I need to hear the story, haha!


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