December 01, 2012

insta~graham crackers

Good morning, and happy weekend!  How is everyone?!  Welcome to December!  aaaand we still have no snow!  I'm pretty fine with that though...
Here are some of my recent instagram photos; little parts of my life that I'm sharing with you!
1.  Moss peeking out the window into our backyard, propping himself on the microwave and window-sill
2.  my discs
3.  feet while out disc golfing
4.  Mike throwing in a game of disc golf
5.  pumpkin cheesecake on Thanksgiving
6.  my backyard at night while taking the dog out
7.  basement door; creepy looking...
8.  A view of our newly lit tree from inside
9.  a beer bottle Christmas wreath at Bell's Brewery

10.  pen and pencil dispensers at the school where I had my second craft show.  I was tempted to buy a pencil, but I really don't need one; just thought it was neat.
11.  boredom at the craft show; locker behind me
12.  part of my display at the show
13.  discovered a new-to-me amazing truffle bar
14.  ha!  three little pigs!  sooo tasty...
15.  breakfast; greek yogurt with pomegranate, pumpkin cheesecake, and peanut butter toast
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