December 20, 2012

diy scented pine cones

Have you ever gone into a craft store and been hit by the smell of overwhelming cinnamon, wondering where in the world it was coming from, only to find out it's a giant bin of pine cones?  They smell sooo good, and I'm always sort of tempted to buy them, but then Mike will talk me out of it letting me know how silly it is to purchase pine cones when you can pick them up off of the ground for free. :)
This year I decided to take a stab at making my own.  I thought ahead a bit in case we would have snow at this point of the year (which we don't) and picked up a bunch off of the ground with my little niece on Thanksgiving.  It was fun collecting them with her, and seeing her excitement when she would find another one, tossing them into a paper bag. 
I went by these directions I found on Pinterest, but totally didn't follow them very well.  I did wash them off and bake them for half an hour to kill any bugs that may have been creepin' around on them.  After that though, it was sort of a free-for-all.
You see, I'm not a very patient person sometimes, and when the directions wanted me to paint each little individual "petal" with glue, that lasted about....not even one pine cone long.  I ended up dunking and rolling them around in a bowl of glue and water mixture, chucking them in a bag of spices, and shaking them around violently.  Then I just dumped them out onto a lined cookie sheet to dry overnight (the directions I think say to leave them in the bag, but I had so much glue and goop in there, I didn't think it'd be a good idea).  The spices I used were:  cinnamon, allspice, and crushed cloves.  I didn't know how much to used, so I just guessed, trying to put more cinnamon on than the others.
The end result?  They turned out okay.  Not bad really, they smell pretty (plus a little bit like glue).  They aren't as smelly as those hit-you-in-the-face ones from the store, and you kind of have to stick your nose in them, but hey, whatev-s.  I think they look pretty at least. :)
There are two ways of making these from what I found online, and I'm sure the other way would work a lot better, since it involves cinnamon essential oil.  I just didn't have any, and didn't want to spend the money on it for just one project, so I opted for the spices which I already had.
Have a good day (your last day!  ah!).  What are you doing on the last day of the world?  I'm going to work.  Obviously, I don't believe it's the last day ever, because I sure wouldn't be going to work if I did.  Hope to see you back here tomorrow!! :)

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  1. What a festive look (& smell!) the cinnamon pine cones are! You can probably splash some cinnamon oil on them next year to freshen them up if you find any at a reasonable price...I may have some you can use!

    Looking forward to seeing you on Christmas! <3


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