December 31, 2012

december photo an hour

My last photo an hour for 2012 has taken place!  It's always sort of tough to do, but not just takes a little remembering, but if I leave my camera out all day it's not too hard to shoot a photo per hour of whatever I'm doing.
Here's my day in pictures, from December 29, 2012.
I woke up feeling a bit poo-y...not sick, but a bit... meh; pertaining to girl things, if you get my I took it easy my first few hours of being up.

8 (30ish)am
Brewed some coffee; always one of the first things I do in the morning.
Moss & Olive sitting on the back of the couch.
Moisturizing after a shower.
 12 noon
All my cats in a pile on my bed
coloring an "adult coloring page" I found on Pinterest
(see Nuke peeking behind the pencils? hehe!)
Eating some lunch of leftover frozen pizza with Mike after his return home from work.
Finished coloring.
Drank some chai tea while helping Mike clean the garage.
(this was actually minutes after the 3 o'clock hour; but definitely a pic of what I did; too busy in the garage to take a photo!  rats.)
read a little and had some dark chocolate.
It smelled like tuna in the kitchen, so I lit some incense while I washed some dishes.
Dinner; roasted potatoes & peppers (plus a glimpse of our new calendar for 2013!  haha, Mike found it, and we both liked it).
Working on an outfit photo shoot...
I walked into the kitchen and found Yoda sitting there staring at the cupboards....she was like that for hours, and even in the morning, along with Moss, when Mike got up.  I think there might be a mouse or something in there...

At 8pm, I watched COPS, one of my favorite shows.  I really just stayed up to watch it, or I probably would have gone to bed sooner.  I know, I'm old, but I love sleep.  Plus Mike goes to bed early a lot because he works super super early, and I like to sleep with him.  Sooo, this is where my pic taking ends.  It was a good day!  Kind of a lazy one, but really nice.

One more day to enter my giveaway. ;)  I hope you have a happy last day of 2012!  What are you doing today?  I took the day off, and will be shopping and making lots of yummy things to eat in anticipation of some lovelies coming over tonight to ring in the new year!  Yay for an odd numbered year!!  (I hate even numbers...)


  1. I always forget to do this post even though I want to every month haha. How do like the Curious incident of the dog in the nighttime? It's one of my favorite books ever. And that colouring page is awesome! I like to colour with my nieces and nephews haha, perfect excuse!

    1. I'm not very far into it yet, but I really like it so far!
      Whenever I do the photo an hour, I have to know I'm doing it the day before, so I plan on it and start right away when I wake up. I always do it on a day off of work, since I'm pretty sure I can't take pictures there. :)
      You can find two of those coloring pages on my Pinterest "DIY crafts" board!


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