December 06, 2012

black friday thrift finds

Heeey!  Remember November, and how I said I don't go Black Friday shopping?  Well, I did.  I wasn't planning on it, but ended up going to Salvation Army for their 5 for $5 clothing sale.  I had seen their sign on the door a week or so before hand, and then my friend Nancy mentioned that's where she goes for Black Friday deals, and it sounded like a pretty good idea.  Mike had worked all through the night, and couldn't sleep when he got home, so he accompanied me on my shopping trip.  I thought I'd share my finds with you, since I'm pretty stoked about them; especially since each one was only $1!
this vintage dress!  love it!  I'm bummed it's not really warm enough to wear yet.
I had to wash it twice once I brought it home, because it smelled like perfume so bad, but it's good now.
wore this today!  it's kinda big and sack-like, so I belted it in the middle paired with a cardigan.
hmm, I've worn this one the same way so far; I love the pattern, but yet again it's just a bit baggy, so a belt and it's good to go!
I spotted a few zip up hoodies and snatched them up.  I require many, many layers with the cold weather creepin' up!
a cute little cardigan
vintage sweater!  It's kind of small/ short, but it still works out okay if I wear a longer shirt underneath.
this one I'm iffy was a last minute find because I had to have even numbers of 5 to get the 5 for $5 deal, and it kind of struck my fancy...
(oh, this didn't really work out though, b/c Mike found a shirt while we were waiting in line, and we ended up with 11 items and had to pay full price for one item, haha!  ahhh, at least it was only a couple dollars.)
plus it literally had my name on it, so, ya know.
so this skirt is kind of hideous, (and wrinkly; nothing an iron or a good tumble in the dryer can't fix) but I plan on chopping about half of it off and making a cute little skirt for spring time (maybe sooner if I run out of projects, but I doubt it. :P).
I've worn all of these items so far except the dress, the red Sarah shirt, and the skirt.  So glad we went!  The nice thing was that it wasn't all that crazy busy; I just kept jumping aisles to avoid getting in people's way. :)
It's kind of late, but did anyone else end up getting any Black Friday deals?  ooh, or how about Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday deals?  I bought some of those winter leggings that Sondra from Abhaya recommended from American Apparel on Cyber Monday, and they're soooo comfy and warm!  Awesome, awesome stuff...worth the pricey price.  I kind of never want to take them off...
have a good day, everyone!

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