December 08, 2012

autumn bulb planting

In anticipation of next spring, this is what happened in my backyard a few weeks ago...
My Mom gave me some crocus and daffodil bulbs, which I planted in the bed below.  She always told me that it was my birthday when the daffodils came up, so I'm counting on these to let me know when it is!  When I was younger, I'd always peek out the window to make sure they were up! (my bday's in April, pretty much when everything's starting to bloom.)
Sooo, hopefully in a few months, this is what I'll see!

I also bought some Allium bulbs, and planted those out in the back part of our backyard.  I love the look of these things; they remind me of something that would be in a Dr. Seuss book.

I've never planted bulbs, so cross your fingers for me that they'll make it up out of the ground!  It can't be that complicated though, right?  Dig a hole, plop it in.... :)
I'm at an art fair today, at the Kalamazoo Nature Center!  I love the Nature Center, and this show is always pretty fun.  If you're local, come on by!  (9am-4pm)  Plus there's going to be a local food truck in the parking lot with some yummy eats for lunch!  Think I'll pass on packing my lunch for this show, and mosey on down!

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