November 10, 2012

what's in my wardrobe~ peacock feathers and fox faces

I got a haircut!  Thank you to the lovely Erin, my friend and beauty maker. :)  Guys, this is the first time I've had bangs since I was like....7.  If not younger.  I'm still on the fence about them, but I really like them when my hair is up; down, not so sure.  I feel like I may not be able to stick to my not-showering-for-two-days-in-a-row routine anymore with this hairstyle, but I'm sure trying.  Putting my dry shampoo to good use, and I bought a hair straightener.. silly, a straightener for straight hair, but eh, I guess you can curl with it too.
Holy moly, this is not supposed to be a post about my hair, it's about what I'm wearing, duh!  Just thought there should be an honorable mention of my hair, since ya know, it's its first time on the internet like this.
I made a new necklace!  I'm in a craft/ art show next weekend, and I need to get my butt in gear and make some things to sell!  I finally made a few pieces though, and I'm planning on making some more soon; like probably this morning.  dang procrastination! :)  If you're local, come see me at the Plainwell art show on November 17th!  My Dad will be there as well selling some amazing handmade bird houses and feeders!  He's super good at what he does, and puts a lot of love into it.  If you can't make it to that show, we're in two more coming up quickly; one in Decatur and the other at the Kalamazoo Nature Center in December.  I'll likely post more on those later, but feel free to ask if you have questions!  Oh, and we're both on Etsy and will ship things to ya!
fishtail braid!
...aaaaand, my mismatched, yet matching in color socks, with a sleepy fox.

outfit details:
t-shirt- Target a few years ago
green under shirt- thrifted
jeans- Kohl's?
socks- Kohl's
necklace- handmade by yours truly
earrings- thrifted
bangle- garage sale

peace and chicken grease!  (I just like saying that, but...gross.)  have a splendid Saturday.


  1. I think bangs look great on you actually! And that tee is so awesome, I love peacocks and I think peacock feathers are so beautiful. Also, that fox sock is cute.

    1. thank you! still not sure if I'll keep the bangs or not; trying to get used to them, but glad I tried it out. :)


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