November 29, 2012

what to wear on a rainy/snowy day

Hi loves!  I'm here today with another edition of the ever exciting What to Wear!  I seriously love this, even though I take ridiculously silly photos, I really have fun with it.  You just can't be too serious in life, you've gotta let loose a little.
This week our topic is what to wear on a rainy or snowy day.  Since it's been neither where I live (Michigan!), I decided to go for more of the snowy route, since it is cold.  It's currently 30 degrees F, which is pretty cold, but not uber bad...  I checked the weather just out of curiosity, and between now and next week, it's supposed to warm up to the 40's F, then high 50's F, and then 30's F the day after that with some snow!  Michigan's just so moody with its weather!
When I'm cold, I layer up like mad.  Like seven layers thick sometimes....I dunno.  Lemme count....ok, only four I guess, but we're not really into winter yet here.  For real though, I'll be found wearing 4-5 shirts at a time in the winter; I hate the cold.
I'm so-so-so-so-sooo excited that we have a house this year for Christmas!  We just put some lights up on the one and only tree in our front yard two nights ago, so I had to do my photo shoot in front of it. :)  As I was posing, Mike was like, "Ok, we have to get a serious one," and this is what I came up with....
 Guess that's not what he was looking for.  More like this??  Yep.
I don't really have any good boots for winter...I got some sweet moon boots a few years ago, because I adore Napoleon Dynamite, but the sole is breaking off of the shoe and I need to mend it somehow...I do have a pair of those standard whatchamacallits....boring ol' boots that work when I'm gonna be trompin' around in the winter junk, but other than that, I just brave it in whatever pair of shoes I'm wearing for the day and need to run across a parking lot in to get inside (terrible, right?!  I swear I like the outdoors, just not cold!).
here's my get-up list:
coat- Forever 21 a few years ago
hat- thrifted
scarf- gift from my in-laws
gloves- Target
jeans- the ones I always wear
shoes- Gander Mountain
hoodie- thrifted
glasses- coastal

Thanks for stopping by my little nook of the interwebs, and enduring my crazy little mind!  mwua-haha!  Please go check out my friend's blogs and see their outfits of choice for a rainy or snowy day!

Sondra: Abhaya
Katherine: thinkin' outloud


  1. Replies
    1. thank you! and yes, thanks in-laws! :)

  2. I'm in love with that jacket. Good work, Forever 21 a few years ago!! ;)

    I also love the combo of the jacket, with the scarf and the toque. Super duper cute.

    1. thank ya! I had to look up what a toque was, even though I figured it out after a minute. :P I learned a new word today!

  3. Fingerless gloves! The best!! And I love that coat. No snow yet, eh? What's up Michigan?!

    1. yesss, I love fingerless gloves (except when it's wicked cold :P). I know MI! whatever, I prefer it this way anyway. :) buuut, it kind of freaks me out, thinking about global warming and all...

  4. I love that coat--super snazy! and your goofball photos are adorable :-)

  5. Oh I just love those lights in that amazing tree! I'm excited to let the christmas decorations out on my dormroom this week haha. You're wearing a lovely outfit again. The color of your hat is spot on for me. xo

    1. that'll be fun to decorate your room! I haven't quite gotten into the spirit enough to decorate inside, but I'm thinking later this week our tree will go up!


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